saturday, march 17th, 2018  


pasta e fagioli zuppa with cannellini beans, spinach pasta, touch of marinara & parm               11.

campanelli chicken livers bruschetta with aged balsamico, fresh sage & winter green mix           10.

inverno of mixed winter greens, cut bosc pear, almonds, ewe’s blue & sherry wine dressing          12.

bresaola carpaccio with wild arugula, shaved 24 month parmigiano & lemon truffle emulsion      15.

grilled sweet Italian sausage with braised pardina lentil, sautéed broccoli rapini & marinara       13.

coach farm goat cheese curd gnudi with pecorino over pureed lacinato kale porcini sauce           14.

raw lacinato kale, currants, toasted pine nuts, pecorino rex & lemon champagne emulsion           13.

grilled braised octopus, little gem, dandelion caesar, chorizo & garlic buttermilk dressing            16.


penne all'arrabbiata with tomato, pancetta, calabrian chilies, hudson valley cream and chives    18.

orecchiette with broccoli rabe, evoo, parsley, garlic, bottarga crumbs, chilies & pecorino             19.