friday, march 22nd, 2019


crostino of grilled baguette, with prosciutto di parma, mozzarella, aged balsamic & arugula      16.

artisanal salumi plate with lil’s sweet hot peppas, chef’s daily crostino & castelvetrano olives      19.

polenta of wild hive farm ground cornmeal with gorgonzola dolce & tivoli mushrooms mix     17.

hudson valley farms cheese plate with assorted condiments, ewe’s blu, auggie & moonlight         15.

 gnudi of coach farm goat cheese & pecorino over purée of lacinato kale, porcini & pepper     16.

grilled evoo braised octopus, sautéed escarole with heirloom beans, hot chorizo & marinara        19.


organic lacinato kale, currants, toasted pine nuts, crotonese & lemon champagne emulsion        14.

rocket arugula with farro grain, hearts of palm, shaved 24 month reggiano & lemon emulsion    13.

mercato mista with local mesclun, fennel, basilico, carrots, tomato & evoo red wine dressing       12.

puntarelle dandellions & shaved fennel crushed garlic anchovies & lemon emulsion dressing       15.


tagliatelle alla bolognese in a ragu of tomato, wine, veal, pork, beef & proscuitto di parma       23.

bucatini alla carbonara with farm egg, pecorino, grana padano, black pepper & guanciale  22.

penne arrabiata, tomato, pancetta, calabrian chilies, hudson valley fresh cream & chives           20.

fusilloni with norwich farm grass fed cow’s milk basket ricotta, mint, maldon salt & evoo             21.


grilled grassfed hanger steak with braised heirloom maine beans & sautéed broccoli rabe         28.

pan roasted vermont quail saltimbocca over risotto milanese, spinach & fried quail egg             29.

pan seared branzino fillet with braised red wine lentils, fresh tomato, spicy ‘nduja & arugula       27.

pan roasted moulard duck breast with port wine & dried figs over roasted kabocha farrotto        26.


sautéed mixed mushrooms & parsley garlic   9.   

braised heirloom maine beans with evoo          7.

red wine braised pardina lentils & parsley        6.

sautéed broccoli rabe with garlic & chilies        8.

choose 3 sides as a vegetarian entree             20.


always fresh, mostly local – farm to table every day.

                     buon appetito & grazie mille