Thursday, september 14th, 2017  


mercato salad with organic greens, fennel, basil, grape tomato, carrots & aged balsamico        13.

campanelli chicken livers bruschetta with aged balsamico, fresh sage & sky farm mesculin        12.

raw lacinato kale, currants, toasted pine nuts, pecorino rex& lemon champagne emulsion          14.

grilled prosciutto di parma wrapped mission figs, sky farm arugula, shaved reggiano & saba     17.

heirloom tomatoes, local buffalo caprese with mercato evoo, maldon salt & sky farm arugula  16.

coach farm goat cheese curd gnudi & pecorino over pureed lacinato kale porcini sauce            15.

grilled octopus, braised black lentils, spicy chorizo, fingerlings, marinara & fresh parsley           18.



penne all’arrabiata, tomato, pancetta, calabrian chilies, hudson valley cream & chives               20.

tufolli alla bolognese with a traditional ragu of veal, beef, pork & prosciutto di parma              22.

ravioli of old chatham ricotta, reggiano & spinach in browned butter with fresh sage                 21.